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No child should ever be deprived of such an enriching experience in the arts due to lack of financial means, so your donations are applied to children that demonstrate a need and exceptional ability, supplies, staff and other operational needs. Donations of supplies are also greatly appreciated and accepted.
Nelson Mandela said it best, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Donors are entitled to special offers:
$25 - postcard of one of Richard Thomas's artworks
$50 - post card collection
$150 - "Like Dis" print
$325 - Artist's Proof of the 2014 Bogalusa Blues Festival: Professor Longhair poster
$650 - "Why Do You Search for the Living Among the Dead" print
$975 - "Syncopation 5: The Echo of the Drum" print
$1,500 - 20th Anniversary Congo Square Poster print
*see images for details
**offerings images appear in order of above list


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