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Richard Thomas’s 40th Jazz & Heritage Festival Anniversary Commemoration

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Richard C. Thomas is celebrating 40 years of exhibiting at the 2018 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fesitival. His most recent piece “Jesus Said, Thou Art the Light” took almost six months to complete. The detail of this piece is insanely intricate. Each face took at least a few days of work to reach Thomas’s standard of quality. Thomas focused greatly on contrast and balance. The simplicity of the grayscale emits such a luminous emotion. The expression on the faces of the kids bring such realism to the piece. Residents of New Orleans usually resonate with this piece immediately. This scene visualizes the gathering that takes place before Sunday service begins. This is when church members get up extra early for some in depth lessons about the Word of God. 

Thomas will be selling prints of this piece at this year’s jazz fest as his featured work. The original will also be available for purchase. 

See you at Jazz Fest!

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